Do Nothing.

For the first time in months I had a spare hour today, I usually pile up things to do, or anyway make plans for every spare minute I have, but today I had a real free hour.
I really can’t just lie around without doing anything, so I looked at the guitar sitting in the corner, waiting for me to start learning how to play, I glanced at a couple of books, but they weren’t really speaking to me.
While spending my time contemplating how to spend my time, Dante climbed up on the couch and lied on top of me, Van Morrison was playing, so I took the chance to spend time doing nothing with him, chilling, cuddling and listening to music. And there I thought, wow, these wonderful creatures that we take into our homes, have nothing else but us, their whole lives evolve around us, we run left and right, we walk them, feed them and we often assume that that’s all they need to lead a happy life, but we’re quite wrong in thinking so.

Dogs are extremely social creatures and they long to spend time with us, and that time doesn’t always have to be a rushed walk, or a game of fetch squeezed in jobs and knitting classes, sometimes they also need to spend time with us doing nothing, just letting the moment lead to the next move, would it be a cuddle or a game of nothing.
There’s so many activities out there that are aimed to enrich dogs lives, and they are all very very important, don’t get me wrong, I will talk about this in my next post, but beside all those activities, it’s fundamental to take time to relax, to teach our companions that there can be a time to relax and to enjoy that time together. 

26993826_10155765563375306_6896735804295380219_n copy.jpg

It can happen anywhere and at anytime you don’t have to plan it, would it be on a walk, while watching the clouds go by, after dinner, or if you’re lucky enough to lie in 5 Minutes after the alarm rings, take that time and make it precious, but do it. I remember, years ago, I kept telling myself for months that I would stop on my daily run and just lie down to watch the clouds, the day I finally did was so good that for as simple as it was it stayed impressed in my memory until today. 

Since this is a post about doing nothing I won’t go into a detailed description on how to do it :) I will just let you take the reins and enjoy your time with your dog, and I will go do that with mine, because the time he will spend on this world will never be enough.
On the other hand there still will be time tomorrow to learn guitar, or worst case scenario I’ll just sick to bad signing for the rest of my life. 

Caterina Lodo