Private courses are ideal whether you wish to work on something specific as well as more generic topic such as: 

  • Polite greetings
  • Walking nicely on the leash 
  • Recall
  • Learning how to relax and settle 
  • Environmental enrichment 
  • Simple obedience exercices: sit, down, stay, leave it etc.
  • Toilet training 
  • Understanding dog's communication 

Private courses can take place at a place that can be convenient for you, would that be your own home or at a public space such as a park, a walk, taking into consideration the needs of the dog and the requirements of the training session. 

After each session you will receive a complete written report with the progress of the dog and all the necessary information to put in place the exercices. 

PRICE : 50.00 CHF

You can book by email or phone